Sunday, December 4, 2011

Freddy and Overlook Park

Who wants to go for a ride?
Freddy, the wiener dog, went with Mommy and Malibu to pick up Eric, who was boating on Lake Jesup. To retrieve Eric, they had to go to Overlook Park. The park has a lot of dock space for fishing, picnic tables and a playground, and a little boating canal so it was easy to transfer Eric from boat to car. The problem with Overlook Park? Alligators. There's a lot of easy access for the alligators. They can come underneath the dock or craw onto the bank. There's even a grassy spot for the gators to float around and wait for the right little morsel to come along to eat.

We even went there once for Geocaching. Mommy was panicked the entire time and kept telling Daddy that the boys and Freddy had to go back to the car. Frightening. Who designed this place? How about building the bank up so the gators can't access the park that easily! It's like ringing a dinner bell. Oh, it's listed as a "Pet Friendly Place in Oviedo, FL." Ha!

Mommy gets extremely nervous when she has to take Freddy to a place with gators, obviously. [Even as Mommy writes this, she can feel the panic starting to rise -- The thought of Freddy that close to gators.] Try eating when one's swimming nearby...

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