Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We have a mole problem.

A really loooong mole problem.
Freddy, the wiener dog, does most of his digging in the summer. He likes to dig when we're swimming in the pool. Malibu is an any-time digger. Mommy was sitting on the pool patio, watching the doggies frolick and play, when she noticed that Malibu kept "disappearing," including her tail. Mommy discovered that we have a mole problem, a loooong mole problem.

It was an amazing sight - Malibu was digging a hole like she was going after a badger. Mommy watched Malibu wigging in and out of the hole that was over 2 feet deep, but not much wider than Malibu. It was really cool that Malibu could move so quickly in/out of the hole. She never pulled anything out so I don't know what she was hunting. Of course, as usual, it went underneath the pool patio.


Strong hind legs for pushing and twisting.
Keep dirt out of ears.
A very dirty girl.
"Um...I'm stuck."

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