Saturday, December 17, 2011


"My boyfriend's back."
 Freddy, the wiener dog, had a love-hate relationship with Tank, the Golden Retriever puppy next door who stole a woobie. Yeah, Freddy loved to hate him. But, Freddy is losing The Great Nemesis. Tank is the casualty of a nasty divorce. Freddy now needs a new Great Nemesis and Daisy has lost the love of her life. Here's the sad tale:

Earlier this year, a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy arrived next door - The Husband got it for the kids after The Wife told him that she wanted a divorce. They named him Tank. One evening, Freddy was going on his usual walk...with Duck. Tank, being the rambunctious puppy that he was, "borrowed" Duck from Freddy. For 10 minutes, the boys and other neighborhood children chased Tank, trying to get Duck back for Freddy. They finally did. Freddy, however, refused to take Duck back and later that evening Freddy destroyed Duck. From then on, Freddy hated Tank. [See blog: Duck and the Puppy Next Door.] Then, Daisy arrived.

"That's my man."
 Daisy is bigger than her Mini-Dachshunds. Mommy quickly realized that Daisy needed a BIG playmate. Mommy got The Wife next door to let Tank play with Daisy. It was love at first sight, for both of them. [See blog: Daisy's new BIG playmate.] Since then, they've played nearly every day [photos on Freddy's Facebook page]. Tank was even allowed to play with toys at Freddy's house. Eventually, The Divorce was final. Two weeks ago, The Wife stopped allowing Tank's playdates with Daisy. The Wife didn't like Tank getting dirty. The Wife didn't like Tank's digging Daisy's yard. That made him even dirtier. Freddy's Daddy would bathe and dry Tank, but The Wife still complained of Tank's dirt. Daisy was inconsolable these last two weeks. She's been an entirely different dog. She spent nearly all of her time in the front window waiting for Tank to come back.

"Isn't SHE the best?!"
 When Tank first arrived and The Wife complained about him, Freddy's Mommy offered to adopt Tank. "I don't like dogs, but the kids love him." Every time The Wife complained about having a dog, Freddy's Mommy offered to adopt Tank. "No, the kids are really happy with Tank." Freddy's Mommy offered every day to baby-sit Tank... She offered for Tank to stay in her yard with Daisy [Freddy prefers the front yard anyway], but The Wife never allowed it. Well, The Wife came over today to let Tank play "one more time with Daisy" because she had found him "a good home."  [Judging from the way The Wife treated Tank, Mommy is concerned what "a good home" means to her.]  The Wife cried, of course, because the kids are upset with her for sending away Tank. No kidding. Tank will spend the rest of December in their Daddy's apartment and at the beginning of the year he goes to his new "good home."

"Eric, isn't it great?! Tank's back!"
 You'll see in the photos how deliriously happy Daisy was to have Tank back. [There are more pictures on Freddy's Facebook page.] How is Mommy going to explain to Daisy when Tank never comes back?! And, Freddy? Whenever Freddy goes on a walk, he looks for Tank in the neighbor's yard so he can growl and snap at Tank [although Freddy never wants to actually go into Tank's yard]. Now, Daisy will die of heartbreak and Freddy has to find another dog to hate. It took Freddy eight years to find a dog to hate. Freddy's almost nine now.....

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