Friday, December 30, 2011

Freddy luncheons at Hamburger Mary's.

Enjoying the scenery.
Freddy, the wiener dog, felt like eating lunch out today. He was in the mood for meat...hamburger meat. The best place to get hamburger meat is Hamburger Mary's on Church Street in Downtown Orlando. So, Freddy, Malibu and Mommy hopped into the car to head downtown. Freddy hadn't been in the car since they took Petey to Lakeland. Freddy immediately started fussing in the car. He wanted Mommy to go straight to the restaurant and not stop for any stray dogs. Freddy eventually settled down for the drive.

They parked in a parking garage and took the short walk to the restaurant. To enter, Freddy had to walk between the outside tables. The first table on the right had a medium+ sized dog, who decided to see the new arrivals. The sight of the other dog set Freddy off. Malibu had to back him up. To stop the frenzy, Mommy picked up Freddy and Malibu. In the process she dropped her bag and cell phone. Once everything quieted down, Freddy took the far outside table on the right. Whew! Not long after, his luncheon companions arrived - Miss Sue and Miss Julie. You know Miss Julie, Spotty's mom. Yeah, that Julie. Freddy's a lady's man, so he was happy to turn on the charm and met Miss Sue. She's an avid follower of Freddy's Facebook page and blog. Freddy will always take time for his fans.

"Mom, where are we?"
It was quite an adventure for Freddy and Malibu...all the people, delivery trucks, car horns, sirens. It was overwhelming, so he sat in Miss Julie's lap while Malibu sat in Mommy's until the food arrived. When the waiter put the plate in front of Freddy, he thought it was all his. And, then, Miss Julie put him on the ground. Freddy was okay with that because Mommy gave Freddy and Malibu bits of hamburger and sweet potato fries. The best part, of course, was dessert. Hamburger Mary's serves fried Twinkies. Oh, yes..fried Twinkies. They're amazing. Mommy gave Freddy and Malibu a little taste and they went bonkers. "Oh, Mom. What was that?!"

Freddy was the center of attention. He even sat next to Mommy's chair where everybody could see him. People just love those mini wiener dogs. Freddy even met people who had their own Dachshunds and showed their pictures. When the waiter came to pick up the money, he was carrying a couple of trays of dishes. When he leaned forward stuff started falling off the tray - a knife, a fork, a soup bowl. Well, all the people sitting outside restaurant did a collective GASP! and several yelled to watch out for the little dog. The waiter's career flashed before his eyes. But, luckily for him (and Freddy), nothing broke and nothing hit Freddy.

Tired puppies.
The weather was perfect and it was a pleasant walk back to the car. Miss Sue was impressed at how well Freddy and Malibu walked on the leashes. They didn't even hesitate walking over the railroad tracks. Mommy heard more than one person say, "Look at the little wiener dogs!" It was a great outing. With tummies full of food, Freddy and Malibu napped going home.

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