Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas!
Freddy, the wiener dog, had a busy Christmas Eve. His family came over for mango wine and dessert. Freddy didn't have any wine, but he was really interested in Mommy's plate. Freddy spent the evening in Mommy's lap. Whenever Mommy wasn't looking, Freddy would reach over and try to take something off Mommy's plate. Of course, he was quite unhappy when Mommy lowered her plate too much and Daisy ate the whole thing! Thank goodness for Uncle Louie. He'd peel apple for the doggies. Freddy and Malibu liked bits of apple, but Daisy was a real hog. Freddy stayed up late to make sure that Santa filled Christmas stockings and left presents. Besides, Santa probably needed help with his egg nog and Christmas cake.

Samurai Freddy
Freddy opened Auntie Ruth's present on Christmas Eve. She saw it and immediately thought of Freddy going on his walks with his woobies. Clearly, Freddy posed for this statute because it captures his attitude.

Freddy had a good Christmas. Luckily, his brothers didn't wake up until 7:15 a.m., so Freddy got to sleep in. He watched his brothers open their presents and enjoyed a little of Daddy's fresh-baked cinnamon rolls. Freddy was exhausted from the morning activities, so he took a very long nap.

A new woobie!
Upon awakening, Freddy received his new woobie. He really likes his polar bear. It's super soft and lightweight. If you look at Freddy's shoulders in the picture, you'll notice the bear is twice his size. Daisy and Malibu like it too. When Daisy takes it away, we have to get it back for Freddy. When Malibu comes over for a tug-of-war with Freddy, he tugs on it but eventually lets Malibu have it. Freddy likes a challenge and adventure, but Daisy was a little too much today. She was a bit of a bully and kept stealing other presents. Daisy even stole one of Mark's gifts! "Eric! Daisy has another one!"

I want my cookie.
Mommy didn't realize that Nana brought oatmeal cookies until Christmas afternoon when Freddy was ready for a cookie. He came over to Mommy and whapped, whapped, whapped on her knee. When she got up to see what he wanted, he lead her to the kitchen and the oatmeal cookies. After a bit of cookie, Freddy was ready for another long nap.

Freddy enjoyed his naps today. When he woke up, he was full of energy. Freddy went for a short evening walk and ran the whole way. After dinner, it was time for Christmas pictures. Freddy didn't enjoy wearing his Santa hat. He dislikes having his picture taken, ever. To get Freddy's cooperation, we'd hold up oatmeal cookies to get Freddy to look somewhere near the camera lens. But, Malibu couldn't wait to get her picture taken.

Freddy was very happy to have dinner and watch some TV with Daddy. Freddy even fell asleep in Daddy's lap. He's probably dreaming about oatmeal cookies and Christmas cake.

Freddy wishes everybody a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. I is glad you gots a new woobie, Freddy! Merry Christmases! Love, Reuben.