Monday, December 12, 2011

Freddy's getting wet!

Freddy, the wiener dog, went to pick up two brothers from school. Mommy decided to park at the elementary school, walk over to the middle school, pick up Steven, and then walk back for Mark. Unfortunately, Mommy, Malibu and Freddy where halfway there when it started to rain! It wasn't even that hard of a rain. Mommy can't remember walking in the rain with Freddy before though, and he didn't like it. He was a good boy and kept going, but he kept turning around and giving Mommy upset looks that he was getting wet. Every now and then, he'd stop to shake water off. We finally turned back to the elementary school, drove over to the middle school, picked up Steven, and then drove back to the elementary school for Mark. Freddy spent the entire time in the car grooming himself. He seemed most upset that his paws were wet.

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