Saturday, April 28, 2012

Freddy and alligators do not mix.

Freddy, the wiener dog, missed having lunch on the St. Johns River today. Mommy really, really wanted to take Freddy. But, his family had lunch at the Gator Riverside Bar & Grille. You might remember this restaurant from a previous blog.

It's a great place -- the food is terrific and you're sitting on the bank of the St. Johns River. Love it. Except that it is a very scary place for a wiener dog. The alligators come right onto the bank below the restaurant. It scares Mommy to have Freddy that close to the gators. It's mating season and the bull alligators get very aggressive. So, Mommy had to leave Freddy at home. Freddy was unhappy about this, but Mommy was happier to have Freddy very, very, very safe.

In the picture, you can barely see an alligator swimming away from the restaurant. Mommy had to take it with her cell phone camera. If you look at the middle of the picture, at the bottom, you'll see an alligator swimming across the river. There are two trees in the distance. The alligator's head is straight down, on the bottom of the picture, "between" the trees. From the head, to the left, you can see some body and tail. From there, you can follow the gator's wake. This is why Mommy left Freddy at home. Freddy and alligators do not mix.

P.S. Sorry about the wire in the middle of the picture. Freddy's Mommy is very, very short. She stood on her tipy-toes to take the picture above the wires, but apparently she's too short for even that. The restaurant recently put up three wires across the top of the railing because they're having a problem with crows. They're hoping it will deter the far, it's not.

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