Sunday, April 8, 2012

Freddy goes to Barberville for shopping & lunch.

A relaxing meal on the river.
Freddy, the wiener dog, went to Barberville for lunch and shopping. Yes, Barberville is the name of an little town in Florida. Malibu and Luna stayed home so only Freddy had an adventure, and he was very happy about that. After all, he's the Freddy Baby.

The restaurant was Castaway's, located on the St. Johns River. It had a nice outdoor patio [not at all like the scary Gator's with real alligators looking at Freddy]. The spring afternoon was cool so Freddy didn't get overheated. Freddy liked sitting at the table and enjoying the view. Of course, everybody came by to say what an adorable dog he was. Freddy, to his credit, didn't bark at anybody. He misses his adventures.

Deciding on a sandwich.
Ordering the correct meal was very important to Freddy. It needed to consist of food. [He's not that picky.] Freddy didn't want a burger because he needs to keep his new slim-and-trim figure plus there was shopping later and he didn't want to be too full. Freddy decided on a turkey sandwich.

Waiting for lunch.
It didn't take very long before the food arrived, but Freddy got worried. Freddy dislikes when other diners are served and he's still waiting. Freddy should always be first.

Ready to eat!
Naturally, Freddy was glad when his turkey sandwich arrived. He couldn't wait to dive in and eat! Freddy is a good boy and minds his manners at the table. [Daddy suggested that Freddy sit on the floor underneath the table. What?! Like some dog?! Ha! Freddy sat at the table with Mommy.]

Enjoying his walk.
After lunch, Freddy took a stroll around the marina. He likes looking at the boats, water, and people - as long as there's not alligators looking back at him.

Cute, but not quite right.
Then, Freddy went shopping at a sculpture's outdoor shop. [Daddy asked if it was okay if his "dog" came inside. The owner looked at Freddy and said "of course!"] The artist had lots of cool sculptures and shapes, but Mommy wanted to see the Dachshund statute. It wasn't as funky or steampunk that Mommy hoped it would be so they didn't buy it. Besides, Freddy needs a better likeness of him.

Freddy really enjoyed his afternoon of lunch and shopping. He settled back for the ride home.

Malibu and Luna were very happy to see Freddy. He enjoyed another adventure, and can't wait for the next one.

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