Sunday, April 15, 2012

Malibu is quite mad with Daddy right now.

Malibu jumping into the plant.
Freddy, the wiener dog, is enjoying a lovely spring evening in Florida.  He is staying on the pool patio - watching the family, feeling the light breeze, barking when needed.  Whenever anybody gets too close to the pool, then Freddy starts running around with his woobie. Otherwise, he's just lounging.  Freddy is definitely staying out of the tiff between Maibu and Daddy.

Beautiful plant before Maggie
started jumping into it.
You see, Daddy has two very large Bird of Paradise plants, very large.  When they were in good shape (*clears throat*), they stood about 5 feet tall. Now, they're about a foot and a half tall.  Malibu loves to jump into and on top of the plants.  Her favorite game is to dig up a toad, stick it in the middle of the plant, and play "find the toad" again.  The worst of the damage happened when big girl Maggie thought she was a Mini-Dachshund and would jump up and put her front half onto the plant (because she couldn't get all of herself on the plant).  It didn't take long for the plants to get flattened.

Poor, pitiful plant.
To try to save the plants, Daddy has put green, plastic fencing around each one. He's trying to keep Malibu from destroying them any further.  This is what has caused the tiff.  Malibu is furious that she can't get to her plants.  She's even given dirty looks to Mommy, like it's Mommy's fault too.  Malibu hasn't given up, though.  She's trying to jump onto the somewhat flexible fencing and jump onto the plant.  She's tried to gnaw on the fencing.  She's tried to dig under the fencing.  Mommy thinks that Malibu might have left a toad in the plant and wants it back.

Either way, Freddy had decided to not pick sides for this one and just enjoy his evening.

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