Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freddy & Luna should be therapy dogs.

A worried Luna waits for Eamon
at car-line.
Freddy, the wiener dog, adores Steven's best friend Josh. Freddy is so kind to Josh, and follows him around the house. It's cute. Josh is a special needs student and Freddy knows that Josh needs his help, or extra love and attention.

Luna is now doing the same thing for Eric's best friend Eamon. He has emotional issues. Last fall, his Dad gave way his beloved dog because the dog had fleas. Seriously. Eamon was devastated and months later still talks about "my dog likes" this, etc. For Christmas, his parents gave him a bunch of great presents, like a TV and a new cell phone. The following week they took them all back and returned them to the stores. Eamon was crushed and confused by this. "It would have been better for them not to give me gifts than to give me one and then take it back." "How cruel is that?" Recently, a friend of Eamon's was struck by a car, lived about a week, and then died. This poor children just can't get a break. Last week Eamon's been crying on and off, but he didn't want to talk' not even to Eric. We thought it was because of his deceased friend, but it was something else yet again. This week his parents announced that they're getting divorced. He's been nearly inconsolable. Eamon is 13.

Through it all, his one shining light has been Luna. From the very first time she met Eamon, she has treated him wonderfully. If he's out of the car, she barks at him to get in it. Lately, she starts her play growl while he gets into the car. When he opens the door and manages to get the first leg inside the car, she charges him, jumps into his arms, and begins a million doggie kisses. No matter how sad or awful Eamon's night or day has been, Luna's love just lights his face up. We give him a ride in car-line mornings and afternoons. He'll talk about his day or the latest update with his parents all the while he's putting Luna. And, if he stops for a second, she's back to jumping up and giving him kisses. They are the perfect twosome.

Eamon desperately wants to adopt Luna, but he knows it's not possible. He just wants her in his life every second of the day. I don't blame him - not only because of his difficult life - but because Luna is such a sweet girl. Mini-Dachshunds should be therapy dogs....but, of course, they have to choose which person they're going to help.

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