Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Odd day for the doggies

Freddy, the wiener dog, and the girls had an odd day. They don't like the big winds or the cold weather coming thru tonight. They've been dormant all afternoon, or needy -- very needy.

Malibu wasn't her crazy-frog-hunting self. Mommy has carried Malibu around all day. Malibu makes these sad whimpering noises like she doesn't feel well and she hasn't chased frogs this afternoon. She was happy when Mommy closed all the doors and windows. Then, Malibu went to a very early bedtime.

Luna's been in slow-motion. She wasn't interested in playing with her chewed-up bottle. She's also wanted to hibernate today. Luna, however, is a chow hound so she was very happy to associate with anybody that had food.

Freddy has hibernated today. He's only come out from underneath the covers for food, car-line, and Daddy. He wasn't interested in playing with the woobie. He never fussed at me while I was sitting at the computer. In car-line the only way to get Freddy to settle down, quiet down, and stop barking was to sit in Mommy's lap. Otherwise, Freddy had to bark, bark, bark at everything. Once he got into Mommy's lap then he was a good boy. Unfortunately, Malibu needs to cuddle up to Freddy so she got into Mommy's lap too. Thankfully in car-line, we just inch along so Mommy could hold both doggies until the boys could help.

It was a quiet evening. After dinner Freddy and the girls went to bed. We know when Freddy's relaxed..... because of his snoring.

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