Saturday, April 14, 2012

Luna wants to take over the World!

"Okay, I'll try this side."
Freddy, the wiener dog, is the leader of the pack, king of the hill, the head honcho, numero uno. Recently, Luna started trying to take over the world! Well, she's at least trying to take over Freddy's #1 spot in the pack. Freddy doesn't like this.

Luna's takeover began gradually. The first thing she did was to periodically use Daddy's favorite pillow. This is Freddy's favorite pillow too. Daddy and Freddy have a compromise to share the pillow. Luna, however, just comes into the bedroom, hops onto the bed, and lies down on the pillow. If Freddy comes along, she won't share. Wow, Luna.

Guarding her chewed up vitamin bottle.
Freddy has a favorite chair that sits next to Mommy's desk. When Mommy works there, Freddy relaxes in his chair. Now, Luna tries to sit in the chair before Freddy. Once there, she refuses to get off the chair. If Freddy gets to the chair first, then she comes along and joins him in the chair. She's a big girl and takes up a lot of space. Leaning, sitting or lying on Freddy quickly annoys him and he'll go find another snoozing spot. Seriously, Luna?

Luna trying to squeeze Freddy
off the car seat.
The biggest annoyance is her attempts to claim the front seat. Freddy and Malibu fit very nicely in the front seat. Luna used to prefer riding in the back seat so she could run back and forth and look out all the widows. Now, she clearly wants to take command of the Captain's Chair. If Freddy and Malibu are peacefully sleeping, Luna hops up into the car seat. Then, she climbs on top of them, smushes them, shoves one of them off the car seat, sits on them [her favorite is sitting on their heads], blocks their view of the window and all the people on the sidewalks, etc., etc., etc. She's driving Mommy crazy and Freddy's rather miffed. Freddy isn't giving up his special seat either.

This morning Freddy was lying comfortably on the front seat while Malibu destroyed Mommy's mints in the backseat. Luna hops up next to Freddy and leans heavily into him. Mommy sees Freddy's trying to hold his position but Luna is heavier than Freddy. So, Mommy puts her hand between Freddy and Luna and tries to shove Luna over. Mommy finally managed to annoy Luna enough that she changed her position and wasn't leaning into Freddy. Yesh, Luna.

Exhausted from battle.
Of course, Luna's favorite maneuver is to block the food bowl. It's a big food bowl, and there's plenty of room for three Minis. But, no! Luna will first reach across the bowl and try to block them. If that doesn't work, then she slowly starts shuffling around the bowl while she's eating until she eventually pushes them out of the food dish. So, Mommy has to put the food bowl in the middle of the kitchen and referee when Luna comes to eat.

Luna is more cat-like than dog. She certainly is in her characteristic to plot world domination! Or, at least Freddy's World.

As the world turns........

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