Friday, August 10, 2012

The Truth About Butchie

Butchie - vetted, neutered,
microchipped, house-trained,
escape artist if left alone in yard.
I have been trying to help Claudia help find a home for Butchie since last fall. Not one person has called on him. Maybe it is his brindle coloring that makes him look a little scary, but he is a loving dog with lots of energy. She rescued him from being tied by his back legs to a tree. She can't keep him any longer as he doesn't do well in the house alone and she works very long hours. Please can everyone rally for Butch! Read his biographical sketch below. He is a character. 
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While walking my two dogs last fall I came across this strange hyena-looking puppy inexplicably tied to a fence by his back legs. Naturally I couldn’t leave him there, so when I liberated him, surprise, surprise, he trotted home after me. The rest is history.

I figure he’s a little over a year old now. Bigger than a pure-breed, he weighs about 38 lbs. – all muscle. He has been neutered, micro-chipped, and is up-to-date on his shots.

Basenji Mix: An adoptable dog
in Hollywood, FL
It took many a Google search to figure out his primary breed, but when I discovered the Basenji sites, the images and temperament descriptions struck me as uncannily accurate. Except that Butch barks occasionally but not too often, generally it is if someone unfamiliar comes onto the property, or if he spots a small furry animal – his bark can be pretty intimidating. To be fair, he also balances it with some cute and funny sounds for different needs. I think he’s one of the smartest dogs I’ve known. He is also quite the non-conformist, following basic commands insofar as it gets him treats, but he’s really not that into it. He’d rather be off exploring. He’s a hunter through and through – and a climber, a digger and a chewer. I’ll venture to say the worst is over, he has mellowed considerably as he continues to outgrow puppyhood.

Butch is also a very loyal and affectionate guy. When I’m settled at home he’s usually pretty angelic, contented to snooze at my feet or play endlessly with his siblings or squeaky toys. At the risk of anthropomorphizing, I would definitely say he has a high emotional IQ. He’s sensitive to moods, and empathetic. He’s actually quite the people-pleaser.

Butch is good with other dogs, bad with cats. I haven’t seen him with small children. I think his ideal home would be with someone who can spend a lot of time with him, perhaps (a) retiree(s) or someone who works at home. I’d say he really needs a secure yard to romp in, as he’s very curious and has lots of energy. He also needs an owner who is able to set boundaries for him and be consistent.

If I were not gone so much of the time, didn’t have two other dogs, a tiny house, 3 cats that Butch terrorizes such that I’ve had to keep them incarcerated in my bedroom since he came, and if my neighbors weren’t angry at me for the times he’s escaped from the yard, I’d keep Butch in a heartbeat. If you think this wonderful companion may be a fit with your lifestyle, please contact Claudia at 305-742-7277 or

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  1. We'll be praying that Butch finds a forever home real soon. He sounds like a swell guy!!

    Lily Belle