Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Freddy! You're going to get your head bitten off!!"

Freddy, the wiener dog, is going to get his head bitten off one day. He's so bold and aggressive about other dogs that he's going to meet his match one day.

Today, Mommy pulled into the garage after running errands. Yes, she still had the garage door open. Yes, she said it was okay for the doggies to come outside. Yes, she didn't notice the two big doggies on the sidewalk across the street. The first time Mommy realized that there were other doggies on the street was when Freddy was upon them! That little doggie runs really fast. To her credit, the young teenager who had the two big doggies was doing her best to pull them back. She did a good job, but Freddy kept advancing. And, what barking and snapping...from Freddy!! Of course, Malibu and Luna backed him up - by barking and staying on their side of the street.

Freddy came back as soon as Mommy called him. Well, sort of. He came back to his driveway but kept wanting to run back across the street. Freddy didn't go back inside when Mommy told him to. Steven was there too and Freddy wasn't listening to his deep voice either. It wasn't until Mommy stomped down the driveway toward Freddy that he decided to behave and run back inside, quickly.

Naturally, this all happened in seconds. But, Mommy was shocked at how fast Freddy made it across the street. Mommy keeps telling Freddy that he's going to get his head bitten off one day, but he just won't listen.


  1. Bad, Freddy! Don't you know that you're not a German Shepherd little guy?! I'm glad he finally listened.

  2. Oh Freddy... We're gonna hate to hear that bad things happen to good dog's! You gotta be a bit more careful there my furend.

    I do the same thing except I wanna play with the other dog's butt they don't know that it's only fun and games I'm after. We don't have to worry about Muffin bcuz she's afraid of other dog's.

    Just say NO to headless Doxies!

    Lily Belle