Sunday, August 26, 2012

Update at The Toddler House

Luna protecting her toy.
Freddy, the wiener dog, and his girls have not enjoyed the last two weeks. Mommy has been helping in the band room at Eric's middle school. This leaves Freddy and the girls alone for most of the day. They are very unhappy with Mommy. But, Mommy stayed home all weekend and made them feel better.

Freddy is getting a massage. Oh, yeah, he's a Diva.

Luna is chewing on plastic, and Malibu wants to take the plastic away from Luna. {The remnants of the old chewed up plastic vitamin bottle.} Every now and then, there's a brief scuffle, but Luna refuses to let Malibu win. Oh, girlfriend!! Mommy gave Malibu a big water bottle to destroy. Malibu put on a big show in front of Luna, but it didn't work. Luna didn't want the big water bottle; she kept the chewed up plastic. {Oh, Luna just buried her chewed up plastic in a blanket and laid on top of it. She even refused doggie treats because she doesn't want to leave her nasty old plastic.}

All is normal at The Toddler House...... 

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