Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy's little G.I. Joe

Malibu, the wiener dog, has many names.... Malibu, Bu, My Little Sweet Bu, Cammie, etc., etc. She is Mommy's baby. {Yes, Freddy the wiener dog is Top Dog, The Divia, Freddy Baby, but he prefers Daddy to Mommy. But, Malibu is all Mommy's little girl {except when she's Freddy's girlfriend}.

Recently, Mommy started calling Malibu "G.I. Joe," mostly "Joe." Malibu took to this name right away. She responds more quickly to "Joe" than she does to "Malibu" or "Bu." Mommy thinks it's very cute that when she yells "Joe," Malibu comes flying around the corner, or wherever she's coming from. Joe is also the name that Mommy uses she chases Bu around the house or outside. That may be why Malibu likes Joe so much.

So, Mommy finally has her little camouflaged G.I. Joe.

1 comment:

  1. What a great story! We always love to hear everyone's nick-names.

    The name fits her well :)

    Lily Belle