Monday, October 3, 2011

Freddy and the delivery man.

Freddy, the wiener dog, completed his regular routine today. That's good because Freddy doesn't like his schedule to be interrupted. Freddy enjoyed having Malibu along. It did not bother Freddy that Malibu gets all the attention. In fact, I think he likes showing her off, and he's on guard duty. Freddy, Malibu and Mommy were sitting under a tree waiting for school to end for the day. Malibu was sitting in Mommy's lap and Freddy was lying down next to her. A delivery man came by to comment on our adorable family. Freddy didn't like that the delivery man got too close. Freddy ran in front of Mommy and Malibu and warned the delivery man to stay away from his girls. The delivery man complied and stayed on the sidewalk. For a couple of minutes, Mommy chatted with the delivery man about his dogs with Freddy's barking the entire time. Mommy apologized for the barking, but the delivery man commented that he was glad Freddy was doing his job. Mommy was too.

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