Friday, October 28, 2011

Malibu meets Tank!

Run away!
Freddy, the wiener dog, stayed inside the house, again, when Tank came over for another playdate with Daisy. This time Mommy decided that Malibu should meet Tank. First, Mommy held Malibu while Tank sniffed her rear-end [the international doggie hello]. Next, Mommy sat down with Malibu in her lap. Malibu slowly ventured over to Tank. Malibu barked, growled, and chased Tank. Of course, she didn't appreciate being chased in return. Apparently Tank has never seen a little, tiny dog up close and personal. He thought this one was insane. He didn't understand her crazy barking at him. He was curious; he tried to ignore her; and he tried to play. Daisy wanted Tank to pay all the attention to her.
Tank giving Malibu a backend-sniff.
More barking.
And, more barking.
Girl, you've got issues.

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