Saturday, October 1, 2011

Malibu's multiple name changes.

Exploring her new backyard.
Freddy, the wiener dog, has a new girlfriend.  Her coloring is called "dapple."  She looks like she's wearing desert camouflage. Her birth mommy had long hair and her birth daddy had smooth hair. She looks like she's wearing a combination of both.  Her breeder mommy named her Malibu. That's a good name, but one of her new brothers has difficulty with the word "Malibu."  Freddy's Mommy thinks her name should be Maya, Cammy, Sahara, or Cher. However, we needed a name similar to Malibu but less difficult for Steven.  Freddy's Mommy decided upon Maggie Lou. It sounds close to Malibu but it's easier for Steven to remember; he just calls her Maggie.  So introducing the newest member of The Haddock Pack....Miss Maggie Lou! [Okay, I still want to call her Cammy.]  P.S. ON 10/3/11, SHE RETURNED TO MALIBU. SHE KNOWS IT AND SHE LOOKS IT IN HER PINK HARNESS AND LEASH.

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