Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let sleeping dogs lie.

That's the face of a hound.
Our sweet little girl.
Is Mommy still there?
Freddy, the wiener dog, worries about his girlfriend. He checks on her to see if she's alright, and he picks a spot near or next to her for sleeping. It's been a tough adjustment for Malibu - new home, new people, new schedule, new dogs, and no siblings. The first couple of nights she slept in Mommy's arms. Mommy has gotten Malibu to sleep on her pillow, but Malibu doesn't want to be there unless Mommy is in bed. In the evenings, Malibu only wants to be in Mommy's arms. Tonight, Mommy and family took Malibu on an outing to the school for the Book Fair. Malibu was okay until a woman tried to pet her. Perhaps Malibu thought the woman was going to take her away, but Malibu snapped at her. Malibu was good with kids and men, but not that woman. Since then, Malibu is back to shaking constantly and wanting to sleep in Mommy's arms. Our poor little girl. Worse yet, in the morning Mommy has 2 1/2 hours of volunteer work. Daddy will babysit, but what about our little Malibu? Mommy told Daddy to lie down with the dogs for naptime and turn on their favorite TV show. Mommy's still worried about being separated from her girl for so long. Maybe we should get a sibling...... 

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