Monday, October 3, 2011

Let the games begin!

Let the games begin!
Freddy, the wiener dog, is back on his weekday schedule and he's teaching it to Malibu.  They dropped Eric off for his volunteer work at the elementary school, then they dropped Mark off at car-line.  Then, they had to get Steven ready for school, pick up Eric, and take Steven and Eric to their middle school.  They shared a seat and did very well.  Next is half an hour of play and then naptime.  

Freddy? Do you need help?
Freddy, Daisy and Malibu all played well in the backyard, sort of.  Daisy was a psycho and wanted to play.  Malibu said no.  Daisy had to learn the hard way that Malibu meant it.  So, she turned her attention to Freddy.  As usual, Daisy tried biting Freddy's leg or bottom.  Freddy snarled and sneezed at Daisy, but that just egged her on.  Malibu started growling.  When Freddy actually started chasing Daisy - which is what she wanted all along - then Malibu joined him.  It's quite funny because Daisy is just a psycho puppy and loves it all. 

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