Thursday, June 30, 2011


Nail Trimming at the Vet's Ofc.
Freddy, the wiener dog, went to the vet's office this morning to get his nails trimmed.  Ashamedly, I don't notice that Freddy's nails need a trimming until they're Sabertooth tiger long.  Freddy absolutely will not hold still even for his Daddy to trim his nails, so Freddy must go to the vet.  He doesn't mind the ride.  He doesn't mind going inside.  He's not happy when the big doggies arrive for their appointment.  (And, what was that thing this morning?  A cross between a Boxer and a Great Dane?)  He's also not happy when the enormous cats stop by for a visit -- They're three times the size of Freddy and they rub up against him.  Ew, chick, back off!  But, when his rear-end hits that cold aluminum table, he starts to shake.  He calms down once the techs come into the room, hold him, coo over him, and finally trim his nails.  He's still not happy about it, but it gets done.  P.S. Freddy's weight is down to 13.2.  Good boy!  Two more pounds to go!!

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