Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daisy's first day.

Daisy discovers grass.
Freddy, the wiener dog, has decided to ignore his baby sister Daisy.  "Maybe if I don't acknowledge her then she'll go away."  Daisy nipped Freddy's tail and he didn't react.  Perhaps he realizes she's no threat.  He's still The Baby, and she's like a gangly baby gazelle.  Daisy is looking for things her baby teeth can chew, like the boys' gaming chairs.  I gave her an old piece of leather, but she hasn't been interested in it. Clearly we need to get puppy toys.  Daisy hasn't had a life outside of her cage.  She doesn't have good strength in her hind legs, but runs (or bunny hops) as best she can.  Daisy's never been outside - She seemed afraid to step off the pool patio and onto the grass.  Once I carried her to the back of the yard, she didn't have a choice.  Then, Daisy was amazed at the grass, leaves, flowers, and rocks.  The first bird chirp sent her running for cover.  She definitely doesn't like the sound of a woodpecker.  Daisy doesn't understand the concept of fetch, but she loves chasing the boys around the yard.  She hasn't noticed Freddy's woobies, yet.  Thankfully, she poo'd outside.  We're working on the other.

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