Wednesday, July 6, 2011

That dog is addicted.

After dinner Freddy, the wiener dog, went crazy.  He was whining, barking, and lunging at me.  I couldn't figure out what was wrong.  It seemed to be about food and not his evening walk (surprise, surprise), but there's not something I eat every night.  At one point he couldn't figure out whether to run out the doggie door, climb onto the bed, or run into the kitchen.  He was literally going around in circles.  Jeff and I went to the kitchen to try to understand what he wanted.  Freddy again whined and fussed at me.  Finally, Jeff gave up, grabbed a couple of oatmeal cookies, and left the kitchen.  Freddy went after Jeff.  When Jeff gave Freddy a little bit of oatmeal cookie, Freddy calmed down.  Once Jeff and Freddy finished off the cookies, Freddy laid down for the night.  It was totally unreal.  That dog is addicted to oatmeal cookies.

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