Friday, July 29, 2011

Watch out, Daisy!

Uh oh! New Monkey is missing her purple bow.
Freddy, the wiener dog, has definitely re-taken control of his household.  Daisy was running around in the backyard like a crazy puppy - with Freddy's New Monkey.  Freddy came onto the patio and noticed Daisy running around with his New Monkey.  First, he tried barking at her from the patio, but she just kept running around like a puppy will do.  Then, he trotted into the backyard, but she continued to play with the New Monkey.  She ran and flipped upside down so Freddy went over and snatched New Monkey back.  She tried to take it, but he, hum.....sort of, um...snapped/growled with New Monkey in his mouth.  He never dropped it -- hard to explain, but cool to watch.  Anyway, she held still in the grass so he peed about an inch away from her head and trotted with great pride back into the house.  Yikes!  Watch out, Daisy!

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