Friday, July 15, 2011

Running errands with Mommy.

Happy to be in the car.
Freddy, the wiener dog, and his Mommy ran errands.  Freddy didn't whine or fuss at all in the car.  He was very happy to come along.  We went inside the Middle School; no problems.  We went inside an office building; no problems.  We went to a strip mall; well...... I'm not sure why but he barked at the first few people at this location and then remained quiet.  Freddy didn't go inside any of the stores, but it was good practice to be around non-family members.  He was happy to trot up and down the sidewalk.  The only comment was an elderly gentleman who said, "I once had three of them."  I wanted to take him inside the bank, but it was busy and I wasn't sure if he would bark in line.  He was excellent at all the drive-thrus.  No barking, no fussing.  Good boy, Freddy Baby!  I wonder if I could sneak Freddy inside a movie theater? 

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