Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to his old self.

Cautiously watching Daisy as she approaches.
Freddy, the wiener dog, must have thought Daisy was a visitor.  He's realized that she's here to stay.  How?  Freddy is no longer sharing his woobies.  For the most part he's been on good behavior for the last week -- well, for Freddy.  Now he's back in charge.  For instance, he was letting Daisy play with his woobies without fuss.  He'd sneak them back to the graveyard when possible.  Today?  Freddy won't let Daisy play with his toys.  He takes them back from her in a big tug-of-war (he has an alligator's jaws of steel) and guards them.  If this chick is going to stay here, then she needs to know his rules.  Freddy is back to his old self. 

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