Monday, February 20, 2012

Maggie's 2/15/12 update.

Exploring her new yard.
2/15/12 - Just wanted to tell you that about an hour after you left I went outside with both dogs - to the back yard.  One of them heard someone in the neighbor's back yard and the two of them ran like hell to the fence.  That started the whole thing - chasing each other back and forth all over.  I have to move things out of their way because Pits can injure themselves with their craziness.  I knew Reese needed a playmate and Carol, you said Maggie did too.  It was so great!

We took both dogs on a few walks.  Maggie does not seem too afraid of the doggie door and watches Reese go in and out.  I think we can get her to use the doors in a few days.  She is actually very gentle with the cats and only one of them hissed at her.  They will work this out.  They'll both learn how to deal with each other.

She ate a great dinner - same food as Reese and seems perfectly comfortable.  She is looking for Carol and Jeff - goes to the window next to the front door and has whimpered a few times.  Of course, this is natural.  Reese has tried to mount her a couple of times and I assume this is a dominance thing.  He's not at all aggressive and she handles it very well.

I am happy beyond happy.  Marc LOVES her and I can't thank you all enough.  He said I should have paid at least for Carol and Jeff's gas and I am sorry for not thinking about this.  I owe you guys!

I will stay in touch and let you know how she's doing.  I HOPE you don't mind, but we are going to call her Heidi.  I personally love the name Maggie, but want to honor Heidi Ward, the oncologist we used with Bitsy.  This poor dog must be confused with a new name every few weeks!  I know she'll  be fine.

So thank you all - so, so much.  She has completed our family and I only look forward to many years of canine bliss.


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