Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Freddy, the wiener dog, wishes everybody a very Happy Valentine's Day! Freddy would love to show you his Valentine Day picture, unfortunately he doesn't have one. He's still hibernating underneath the blankets in protest to Florida's actually getting a day or two of winter. [This morning it was 45.2 (F) degrees when Freddy woke up. He refuses to participate in winter.

Luckily, Malibu was very, very happy to take Valentine's Day pictures. In fact, Mommy couldn't get Malibu to stop taking pictures. Mommy would put Malibu on the floor and Malibu would jump back up for more pictures.

[Freddy would like a special shout-out to Malibu and Luna's breeder Mommy. She trains her doggies very well to sit still for picture taking.]

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