Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking the Pack for a Walk

Freddy, the wiener dog, and his doggie pack went for an afternoon walk.  Freddy and Malibu still hate having to put their noses through the harness.  Luna, however, is amazing.  Although she hasn't walked on a leash for long, she is excellent.  She patiently waits her turn, then puts her nose through the harness, let's Mommy click it closed, and then pleasantly and without effort (for Mommy) walks on her leash.  Mommy keeps Luna in third place so she understands pack order, but Luna's still a very good girl walking on a leash.

There were neighbors out in their yard when the foursome walked by.  They asked if Maggie was a new addition, but Mommy explained that Maggie was a rescue dog waiting for a forever home.  They asked if she was nice to the little ones.  Ha!  Maggie is awesome with the little ones... She's actually a little afraid of the threesome, but mostly Luna.  Luna wants Maggie to understand that Maggie is fourth in pack order.  Luna tends to be a little mean toward Maggie, yet the twosome love to play tug-of-woobie-war with each other.

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