Saturday, February 4, 2012

But, Freddy, she didn't mean it!

Freddy, the wiener dog, was really, really, really, really mad at Maggie. Seriously mad. Killer mad. First, Maggie and Mark were playing together outside. Freddy didn't like Maggie playing with Mark, at all. Every so often, Freddy would chase Maggie away from Mark. Second, Mark tripped on Maggie's crater-o-dirt and landed on his knees. Maggie thought Mark was playing and tried the open-mouth maneuver. She barely touched Mark's head, but it was enough for Mark to cry "ow." Holy cow, that totally set Freddy off! He started chasing Maggie with all teeth bared...he was out for blood and you could see the anger in his face. Maggie ran for her life! Freddy eventually chased her into a bush and Maggie stayed there for a while. She was afraid to come out with Psycho Diva after her. Nobody hurts Freddy's humans.

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