Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maggie's 2/21/12 update.

Exploring her new backyard
Let me just tell you that this dog is amazing.  She has learned to use the doggie door with no problem - goes in and out all the time.

She and Reese play endlessly.  Pit Bulls need other Pit Bulls.  They are the only ones who can really play with each other the way they need to play.  They run like nuts in the back yard and jump around on the bed.  Entertaining as hell.

She answers to Heidi, is sweet as can be and it is like we always had her.  I can't imagine living without her and my husband feels the same way.  

She does NOT like our other two cats - has shown some aggression toward them.  I am not worried.  This is new for her and we will train her how to behave.  It's already a little better.

Thank you and Jeff again for that long boring ride you took to bring this wonderful dog to us.  She is totally at home and thriving.


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