Monday, February 27, 2012

Freddy takes his girls to the beach.

Freddy loves the beach!
Freddy, his girls, and his humans plus one went to the doggie beach near New Smyrna Beach, FL. It has a great view of the lighthouse. Everybody piled into Daddy's truck. Malibu sat up front with Mommy, but Freddy choose to sit in the back with the big boys. Freddy was content to be in the truck with all his humans because he loves the beach. Malibu and Luna were a little stressed. They didn't know what "beach" meant or why they were taking a long ride. Malibu finally fell asleep, but Luna wandered around the truck and went from lap to lap.

Can you find Malibu?
Upon arriving at the beach, there were a couple of cars, but there was only one other doggie on the beach. Apparently, Freddy and his group were the only ones crazy enough to go to the beach on a cool February day with lots of wind and some drizzling rain, but the doggies loved it. Once the other doggie left, Freddy and the girls went off-leash and were wild. Luna chased a pelican. Malibu kept chasing seagulls, running up and down the beach, and running onto the dunes.

Freddy knew from prior experience that the water was cold and didn't want to go in, especially since his human brothers weren't swimming. Luna eventually checked out the water, but she didn't go into it either. Malibu had no interest in the water. She just wanted to run! She was like a crazy doggie running up and down the beach.

Happy girl!
Once the wind picked up and it started to drizzle, the doggies were ready to leave. So everybody started the trek back to the parking lot. The puppies were happy to be back in the truck - Freddy knew that meant snacktime! Luna was a pest trying to get everybody's food. When Mommy opened her sandwich, Malibu grabbed an entire piece of bread! Freddy, of course, was a perfect gentleman and waited for his share. With full bellies, Freddy and Malibu slept on the way home. Luna, again, wandered around the truck and went from lap to lap. Freddy enjoyed introducing Malibu and Luna to the beach, and they can't wait to go again.

*There's more pictures of the beach trip on Freddy, the wiener dog's Facebook page.

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