Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's woobietime!!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and Mommy used to play woobietime when Freddy was the only doggie in the house. Once Daisy arrived, Freddy couldn't play woobietime because Daisy was bigger and would take the woobies away. Same thing with Maggie. Well, Daisy has gone to her excellent new home. And, today, Maggie went hiking with Jeff and the boys. With no big doggies in the house, Mommy and Freddy could play woobietime! Mommy throws the woobie across the living room and Freddy runs for it. Then, Mommy chases Freddy. He loves it! Mommy and Freddy were playing with his Christmas polar bear. Mommy kept it hidden so Maggie wouldn't tear it apart. Everything was going great until Luna wanted to join in. No problem. Freddy kept it away from Luna, then it was time for the old man to take a nap. Once Freddy stopped to rest, Luna took the polar bear and decided to guard it. What you don't see in his photo is that she's watching Freddy nap. Silly girl...Mommy has to put the polar bear away before Maggie gets home.

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