Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Luna's first vet appt.

Mommy tried to take Luna's picture.
But, Freddy got in the way.
Freddy, the wiener dog, was so glad that yesterday was Luna's vet appointment, and not his. Freddy's never been fond of the vet's office, but ever since he spent two days in the doggie hospital he has no tolerance. Thankfully, for Freddy, Luna went to the vet's office yesterday for her first appointment.

Luna didn't like going in the car without Freddy and Malibu. She didn't like it at all. She was shivering with fright and Mommy had to calm her down. When she arrived in the vet's office, the lobby was full. [Mommy was trying a new vet.] It had a few little dogs and a couple of cats, but it was full of big dogs, BIG dogs. The sweet, friendly Rottweiler was 122 lbs. There was a Golden Retriever bigger than that. Everybody was well-behaved except the Golden Retriever. He was friendly, but he couldn't stop barking and lunging at every dog. The Goldie really wanted to play with the Rottweiler, who paid no attention. Mommy walked Luna outside while they waited because Luna was too frightened of the big Goldie. Luna thought she was going to get eaten.

Luna was fine once she got into the exam room and there was no more worries about being eaten by big dogs. Mommy was a little surprised that Luna weighs 12 lbs. Daddy said it's because Luna has big bones. Hum. The vet and everybody loved her. They couldn't believe how sweet and friendly she was. The vet even said that "she's the sweetest dog I've ever seen." [Yes, well, thank you.] She's in excellent health. Although she needs a teeth cleaning, she doesn't need any extractions. [Yes!] They took two vials of blood [poor thing] for bloodwork. The vet called today and said everything looks great and she's approved for tomorrow's spaying. [Thanks, she'll be really happy about that.] Finally, they gave her a pawicure to trim those alligator-length nails. [Yay!]

Overall, Mommy liked the new vet's office. Everybody was friendly and treated Luna with kindness and gentleness. But, the wait was too long. They were also supposed to be substantially less expensive than Freddy's regular vet. Turns out that they're less inexpensive for some things, but more expensive on others. It's further away than Freddy's vet too.  Mommy said that once Luna is spayed, they'll stay with Freddy's vet. Mommy's very happy about that because when it's Diva Freddy's turn, he wouldn't have been so good in the waiting room. Freddy owns all that he sees and he would have snarled, growled and barked at that big Golden Retriever.

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