Monday, February 20, 2012

Maggie finds her forever home!

Happy Maggie
Freddy, the wiener dog, is glad that Maggie, the foster sister, found her forever home. Freddy got the call there was an excellent forever home for Maggie in Southwest Florida. Freddy was very excited about this. Although Freddy likes the girls, he hasn't enjoyed having a BIG foster sister. [The big doggies can take away his woobies.] He didn't like Mommy and Daddy being gone all day to take Maggie to her new home, but he was very glad they didn't return with her.

Big, gorgeous Reese
Maggie's new home has a feature that is extremely important to Maggie - a BIG boyfriend. Maggie wanted a big playmate so badly that she would sit in front of the floor-length mirror and try to get that doggie to play with her. So sad. Maggie's boyfriend is Reese. He's a Pit Bull. He's a very shy and timid Pit Bull. When Maggie and her foster parents arrived, Reese ran away and jumped on his Mommy Judy's king-sized bed. Maggie followed after him, jumped up on the bed, and started licking Reese's face. She was telling Reese that everything was okay. Poor Reese was so bewildered about what was happening. A couple of days before Maggie's arrival, Reese had to say good-bye to his older, 12-year-old sister Bitsy, who died from cancer.

Maggie's so happy.
Maggie obviously loved Mommy Judy from the moment she arrived. Maggie couldn't stop licking Mommy Judy, and Maggie helped herself to Reese's bones that she found around the house. Maggie explored the backyard and enjoyed her visit. She thought she was just visiting because she tried to leave with Freddy's Mommy and Daddy.  While Freddy's Mommy was sad to leave Maggie, she was so happy for Maggie's new excellent forever home and will post Mommy Judy's updates about Maggie.

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