Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maggie's 2/16/12 update.

Maggie helps herself to Reese's chewies.
I keep thinking how hilarious it is that all the behaviors that you observed and loved are all the Pit Bull things.  She has been nibbling on me constantly - always so gently. She's amazingly affectionate.   I think she's young.  I know they said 4, but I think she's younger.  She slept on the bed with us, I let her out during the night and we just finished breakfast and a walk.  She's fabulous!

I will stay in touch and I'm happy you like the name Heidi.

Fondly, Judy


Maggie now has 3 cat friends too.
This dog is absolutely amazing.  Took her to the vet today and he loved her - couldn't help but comment on her great disposition.  Vet staff also agreed that she is a Pit Bull - I know, not so important but it is THIS breed that has the personality I wanted in a dog.
She is very healthy and vet thinks (as I thought earlier) that she is NOT 4 years old - maybe 2.

She and Reese play often and then collapse with me on the sofa.  She nibbles on my hands/wrists and has millions of kisses.  She's hilarious - follows me all over - like all my Pits.  If I could have designed a 2nd dog, I could not have done a better job.  I'm NUTS about her.

She is starting to use the doggie doors - not a big problem, but she forgets.  Very relaxed dog.  I think whoever owned her must have treated her pretty well because she has no fear of people.  Walked all around the vet's office like she owned the place.

Barks at our cats, but we will train her out of that.

When you think of the problems you could have when taking in a dog - not a puppy - who you really don't know, it's amazing to think that this girl fits so beautifully into our family.  

You people are wonderful and I know you understand how happy I am.

I will continue to send info periodically and thank you (and Jeff) for your help in getting this beautiful dog to us.


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  1. Look at that tongue! I hopes you no has a chewy war on your hands soon...