Thursday, March 22, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 5

Fireplace Dogs

Freddy, the wiener dog, was back in form today. He enjoyed hiking again. Walking through the woods, he looked like he was smiling. He definitely hikes his own way.... He chooses a trail and walks it. When he wants to go down another path, he picks that one. And, when he's ready to go back to the cabin, he does. Mommy just follows along where Freddy wants to go. Freddy knows where he's going.

A little while ago Daddy went upstairs for a nap. Freddy was sitting in the kitchen softly whimpering. [Well, it's sort of a cross between a whimper and a cry.] Mommy said, "Freddy, Daddy's upstairs taking a nap." So, Freddy immediately left the kitchen, crossed the living room, climbed the stairs, then went up the doggie stairs, and burrowed under the covers so he could nap with Daddy. He's such a smart boy.

Coming back ahead of the guys.
It's amazing that Freddy trotted all the way up the stairs. They're steep and difficult for Mini-Dachshunds to climb. In fact, so far this week Luna is the only one to climb up and down. She's looooonger than Freddy and Malibu so she can make it. We have to carry Freddy and Malibu up and down. They can make it to the first landing, but then they're done and need help the rest of the way.

Malibu running along creek.
While Freddy napped with Daddy, Mommy took the girls for a hike. Mommy doesn't like to hike without Freddy. He's an excellent tracker. He knows the trails and how to get home. Luna and Malibu, not so much. Those two are wanderers and get easily distracted with sights and smells. So, Mommy and the girls walked down the driveway. We tried a new path, but always kept sight of the driveway. It wasn't a very exciting path - It eventuallly took us right back to the driveway. It's steep and Mommy was hoping for a gentler climb, but oh well. When we got back to the cabin, Freddy was waiting for us at the door. Apparently, he wanted to hike more than nap. Mommy and the girls will go again this evening with Freddy. It's the last day at the cabin and Mommy wants to take all the hikes possible.

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