Thursday, March 1, 2012

Freddy is very worried about Luna.

Luna comes home in pain.
Freddy, the wiener dog, is very worried about Luna. She had her spaying today and came home in great pain. Freddy is constantly sniffing her. He lays down near her too, but not too close. He jumps and comes over if she cries or moans.

Mommy has never seen a dog in such pain. When Luna first came home, it looked like she was in shock. Her hind legs and hips would jerk in pain. Mommy wrapped Luna up in a warm, soft blanket and Luna finally went to sleep. After a couple of hours, Luna almost rolled onto her back. It's her favorite sleeping position.

Trying to get comfy.
Mommy had to go to a meeting and while she was gone Luna woke up and moved around a little. Daddy took Luna outside for a pee break. When they came back inside Luna refused to eat or drink. He tried twice to giver her the pain pill, but both times she spit it out. When Mommy came, she hand fed Luna a scrambled egg [which she loved]. While eating bits of egg, Mommy hid the pain pill and Luna swallowed it. [Thank goodness.] It wasn't long after that when Luna fell back asleep.

They sent Luna home with the Cone of Shame. Daddy doesn't mind using it or the crate, but Mommy does. Luna just cries and whines when she's wearing the Cone of Shame. I mean, come on. It can't be comfortable sleeping in that thing. So Mommy keeps the Cone of Shame off Luna when Mommy takes care of her.

"Mom! Take pictures of me!"
Freddy has been worried about Luna. Malibu has not. Malibu did give Luna a big sniff-over when Luna came home, but that's it. Malibu does not like Mommy's taking care of Luna. She especially dislikes Luna's sleeping next to Mommy. Malibu went to sleep in the crate in protest. The worst was when Mommy was trying to take photographs of Luna. Malibu kept getting in the picture, posing for the camera, refusing to move. Malibu wants all the attention. Freddy just wants Luna to feel better so everything will return to normal. Freddy likes to keep to his regular routine and schedule.

P.S. After sleeping for a while, Luna is up and moving around a little bit. Daddy took off the Cone of Shame so Luna could walk around the house easier. Luna looks a little more bright-eyed. She just wants to see her humans and receive lots of care and petting, and jumping. Luna loves, loves, loves to jump. Mommy keeps Luna with her so she can't jump. Poor little wiener dog.

The following morning --- Luna woke up this morning thirsty and ready to play, well almost. First, she wanted a lot of petting. She'd make these little noises like she was telling Mommy all about her day. She hasn't eaten yet, but she's playing with Malibu's vitamin bottle. I know, I know. Malibu had it in the crate last night. So this morning Luna went into the crate, poked her head back out, went back into the crate, and then came trotting by with the vitamin bottle. Luckily Malibu is still sleeping. Luna woke all bright-eyed and waggly tail! She can go up and down the doggie stairs. But, she definitely knows not to jump or move too quickly. Mommy is so happy to see how quickly Luna is bouncing back. Freddy came into the room. He only glanced at Luna, then he fussed at Mommy for his morning treat. Freddy didn't like yesterday's pain noises, but today he's okay.

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