Thursday, March 29, 2012

Freddy caught a cold.

Freddy doesn't feel well.
Freddy, the wiener dog, caught a cold...from Malibu. Malibu got a cold last week in the mountains of Virginia. It lasted about seven days. She got better, and now Freddy is sick. He spent most of his day on his fuzzy brown blanket, not doing much, not each much, not playing much. In fact, he doesn't even want to eat. Right now, Freddy's at the worst of it...fever, sneezing, wheezing.... and a runny nose, a very big running nose.
Not only do they share the same water bowl, but they just adore each other. Malibu grooms Freddy each night. It's just so cute. So, sooner or later I knew that Freddy would get sick too. I just hope it's short and Freddy is back to his feisty self soon.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Freddy,

    I really hope you get better soon. It really worries our humans when we get sick. I'm sure Malibu wants you to be better too. We are praying for you honey.