Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freddy's Spring Break, Day 3

Freddy riding in his
sidebox on the ATV.
Freddy, the wiener dog, was very tired today, at least in the morning. Freddy slept 12 hours last night and wasn't ready for an adventurous morning. So, after breakfast, he napped for a couple of hours while his humans played Monopoly. After that, Daddy took the boys to the Philpott Dam while Mommy took Freddy and the girls on an "easy" hike.

Freddy has some important rules for hikers that he taught Mommy today:

1) There's no such thing as an "easy" hike. So, if your dog is reluctant to go, pay attention. When he's lagging way behind, it's a warning. Like, "Mom! Don't go on the hike without Daddy. He's a redneck and you're a city girl. Always take a redneck when hiking in the mountains."

2) Stay on the path. If you're not an Army Ranger or no one has climbed before you with a machete, then the woods get very thick. While your dog can climb like a mountain goat, crawl under spider webs, or tiptoe thru creeks, you can't.

3) If you want to follow the "dried up creek bed," make sure it's really dried up. Because it's a lot easier for your dog to trot thru water on wet paws than it is for you on wet shoes.

4) Your dog has a better sense of direction than you do. If you want to climb to the top of a ridge, but your dog wants to climb to the top of another, pay attention. Your dog knows the way home, you do not.

5) It's easy to get turned around and lost in the mountains because it all looks the same to you, but not to your dog. He has a super sensitive nose that helps him find the way home. So, when he wants to go in another direction, pay attention.

6) When your dog growls, stop moving.

7) When your dog viciously barks, even if you can't see anything, believe him. Freddy, um, your dog will notice that 4-foot long, thick, hissing black snack before you do. [Freddy was so brave. He kept the snake busy, and even let it strike at him, while Mommy passed to safety. Mommy really loves her Freddy.]

8) If you lose someone in the woods and tell your dog, "Timmy fell down the well!" pay attention. [Mommy lost track of Luna. She tried calling and calling for Luna, but couldn't see or hear anything. Freddy was standing next to Mommy so she said, "Freddy, find Luna.” And, he did! Good Freddy.]

9) Never, never, never ever be without a camera. So when Freddy, oops, your dog saves you from the big snake, or out of the creek, or back to the cabin, you can capture it on film, or digital disk, to share with others.....because Mommy isn't going back into the woods to find the snake to take a picture of it, even with Freddy at her side.

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