Friday, March 2, 2012

Freddy loves playtime in the front yard!

"Ah! Something stinky!!"
Freddy, the wiener dog, loves playtime in the front yard. He whines as often as possible at his Mommy to let her know he's ready to go out front again. The bushes in the front yard have plenty of lizards, and Freddy loves chasing lizards. There's also Daddy's special plants and flowers to stomp, sniff, or dig up. If he's lucky, a neighbor will be walking down the street so Freddy can bark at them to get off his sidewalk..across the street. Yes, Freddy loves the front yard.

Freddy had an especially good time in the front yard this morning. He found a stinky spot. Nothing like a good stinky spot to roll around on. This must have been an extra special stinky spot because Freddy looked joyous to twist and turn, kick his feet, and snort about this spot.

Crazy Bu!
Freddy owns all that he sees. He was happy that the neighbor pulled into her car into her driveway. Well, Freddy can see that driveway too so he has to bark at her for being in her own driveway. Oh Freddy!

Malibu also loves the front yard. She doesn't pay attention to the neighborhood. Malibu just wants to hunt lizards and frogs. Malibu is crazy about hunting lizards and frogs. She jumps like a gazelle from bush to bush, hoping to find one.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty."
Although Luna is recovering from spaying, Mommy let her out in the front yard too. Luna walks slowly and carefully. While Freddy and Malibu's tails are furiously wagging, Luna keeps hers lowered. Perhaps wagging hurts her stitches. Luna can't help herself, though. Of course, she looked for the neighbor's cat. She couldn't have chased it today, but Luna can't miss an opportunity to at least bark at it. No luck. It must have been in someone else's yard.

The best part of playing in the front yard is that Mommy lets them play there several times a day. They know once the boys come home from school they'll have an even longer time in the front yard!

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