Thursday, March 15, 2012

Super Freddy rescues two more doggies.

Freddy, the wiener dog, had another doggie transport today. He picked up two doggies from the shelter, a Rat Terrier and a "Pit Bull." [The shelter likes to name lots and lots of dogs "Pit Bull" when they're not, like a Bulldog.] Anyway, the ride to the rescue lady wasn't too long, about an hour or so, from the shelter. The Rat Terrier went in the doggie crate. She was very scared and stayed at the back of the crate the entire time.

The silver Pittie was pretty, sweet, and quiet. She never made a sound. The shelter didn't give her a name so we called her "Sugar" because she was sooo sweet. She was interested in that little dog in Mommy's lap, who did not return the interest. Mark rode shotgun and the Pittie feel in love with Mark. She licked his arm almost the whole trip. And, she really wanted to climb into Mark's lap. She was adorable.

Freddy's favorite part of the trip is when we meet the rescue lady and she takes the dogs. Freddy likes the return trip! He spent the return trip sound asleep in Mark's lap. Cute.

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