Friday, March 9, 2012

MY tennis ball!

Freddy, the wiener dog, loves to play with his tennis ball....everyday. He loves it so much that he comes over to Mommy when she's at her computer and does a very loud, sharp bark - repeatedly - that he wants to play! He wants Mommy to throw it, he chases it, Mommy chases Freddy, and he runs off with it....until Mommy sits down at her computer again, and then he comes back over and starts the process all over again.

When Luna first arrived, Freddy would let Luna have the tennis ball. Now, no more. If Luna reaches the tennis ball with Freddy, he does deep, quick, half-growl/half-bark to tell Luna to back off, it's his tennis ball! Oh, yeah. Freddy's back in the game!

Mommy tried to capture Freddy's obnoxious - um, um...cute, yeah, cute bark on video. But, whenever Freddy sees the camera he doesn't want to cooperate. Mommy did get a few seconds of Freddy.


  1. Hi Freddie & Gang,
    Stumbled and tumbled onto your blog and I love it. You are all really cute (and handsome too I should say). I hope that Luna is feeling much better.

    Lily Belle

  2. Freddy, you is exactly right to never lets your mama get any good pictures or videos of you. Always when I sees that flashy annoying thing coming out, I turns my head just before the button goes click! It is a talent we both is sharing! Also, you is correct to takes that ball for yourself, and also to interrupt your mama during computer time. Good dog!