Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Freddy protects his girls!

Freddy, the wiener dog, and his girls had a stressful ride to carline. They pass by the same school crossing guards every day, sometimes six times a day. Mommy smiles and waves as she passes them by. They're always shouting what cute doggies she has. Today was different.

Mommy had to stop the car at the red light. The windows were halfway rolled down, and both Malibu and Luna were standing up looking at everything go by. Freddy was lounging on the seat. While they waited, one of the crossing guards approached the car, and Luna and Malibu started barking. He said, "How many do you have? Two?" Mommy immediately put her hand up to motion "stop" and shout "Watch out! It's a trap!," but it was too late. Freddy sprang up and started viciously barking! He doesn't like when anybody approaches his girls. The man was startled and jumped a little, but he stood there. Mommy got Malibu and Luna to stop barking, but Freddy wouldn't. The man said, "Oh, that's enough now." Mommy shouted back "the male doesn't like you near the car." The man chuckled, but backed away. Freddy was mad.

They're just exhausted!
When Freddy and the girls got back home, they collapsed for a nap. Apparently, it was quite a stressful car ride. Mommy needs to get a "beware of wiener dog" sign for her car. Maybe that would keep people away.... because Freddy protects his girls!

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  1. That sign would be a good idea LOL! It's nice to meet you, Freddy looks a bit like me!
    Dachshund Nola