Thursday, March 22, 2012

Freddy and The Bees

Freddy mad at bees.

Freddy, the wiener dog, doesn't like bumblebees. They've been flying around the porch and cabin all week. It's not a swarm or anything like that, but there's plenty of bees to fly around Freddy. This makes Freddy mad. He chases the bees across the porch. He snaps at the bees. He snorts at the bees. He growls at the bees. He barks at the bees. The best is when they're buzzing around Freddy and he starts to snarl at them. Mommy just loves watching Freddy warn the bees by wrinkling his nose. I do hope the bumblebees know doggie language, or Freddy will bite one sooner or later.

Resting from bee hunt.
As a highlight, this afternoon Luna keeps going to the screen door and barking that something's outside. The three dogs go running outside with Mommy right behind them to find the intruder. Yeah, um, Luna's barking at the bees. This causes Freddy to chase and snap at bees. Thanks, Luna. Like the bees aren't bothering Freddy enough!

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