Friday, June 24, 2011

The boy next door

What was that?!
Freddy, the wiener dog, has known the boy next door for seven years.  This doesn’t stop Freddy from barking at Kevin – He’s not part of Freddy’s immediate family so he must be barked at.  When Kevin came over last night, Freddy didn’t bark at him.  Wow!  Freddy kept his ears up and would twist his head from side to side when Kevin spoke, but Freddy didn’t bark.  Had Freddy finally accept Kevin?  Um, no.  The boys had a sleepover, and when Kevin woke up Freddy started barking at him.  When Eric told Freddy to stop barking, Freddy would bark a defiant “boof” in return.  When Eric told Freddy again to stop barking, Freddy gave another defiant “boof” in return.  Freddy’s “boofs” got quieter and quieter, then he gave one final “boof” in protest and stopped.  Freddy is now going through the house looking for things to bark at – He just looked out the front window and barked at a butterfly.

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