Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Visit, Part 2 - New Monkey!

Old Monkey
When Auntie Julie returned from her trip, she brought Freddy, the wiener dog, a new woobie – a little monkey with a purple bow.  Freddy took New Monkey for his a.m. walk.  During a thunder and lightning storm he kept New Monkey with him.  Good monkey.  Oh, the little purple bow is still on New Monkey, but Freddy ripped the fur off.  A day later when I returned home from work, I discovered that Freddy made a hole in New Monkey – There were monkey guts throughout the house. Eventually New Monkey no longer had any guts…just skin and fur – and a purple bow.  Freddy is extremely pleased with his de-gutted monkey – It’s easier to carry on walks or shake to death. I found the killing field on the pool patio. There was a ton of stuffing outside my sliding glass door.  Who knew stuffed animals had so much inside?  Currently, New Monkey is buried in the backyard.  Lots of dirt, no stuffing, and a little purple bow. Perfect. 

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