Monday, June 20, 2011

Purple Octopus

Walking with purple octopus.
We don’t know when Freddy, the wiener dog, fell in love with stuffed animals. It seems like he’s always had a stuffed animal in his mouth, and now he won’t leave the house without one. We call them his “woobies.” When we say, “Get your woobie!” Freddy runs and grabs a stuffed animal. Each walk is an adventure for our Mini Dachshund, and he’s very specific about which woobie will go with him. He’ll pass up other stuffed animals to take a particular one. For weeks his favorite was a purple octopus. He’d carry that purple octopus in his mouth and walk with a spring in his step! He would see other dogs and look at them like, “Oh yeah, I’m bad.” Perhaps it was his backup in case of a dogfight. We just don’t know why. Now purple octopus is buried in the backyard in one of his trenches. This is actually a good thing – Freddy likes his woobies very, very dirty. 

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