Monday, June 20, 2011

Freddy goes for walks

Freddy, the wiener dog, went for his annual checkup in January. The vet said that Freddy needed to lose 4½ pounds! Freddy Baby was a Sausage Baby. Instead of looking like a slim hot dog, Freddy looked like a fat, plump sausage bulging out at the sides. Everyone denied feeding Freddy snacks and people food. Even Nana said, “I never give Freddy snacks. Well, I just give him a snack when I arrive at your house. Of course, there’s the snack he gets when we get home from car-line. And, I have to give him part of my lunch. He sits next to me and whines.” It seems everybody had been sneaking snacks to Freddy. We decided that Freddy would walk with us, morning and evening, for a total distance of two miles. Oh goody! More adventures for Freddy. We think he looks like a normal dog. To the neighbors, however, he looks very tiny. People actually come outside or stop what they’re doing to watch Freddy walk by, and they laugh and giggle. Hum. It may have something to do with the stuffed animal in his mouth. 

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